Zinsmeyer Academy / Education

Zinsmeyer Academy is a nonpublic, nonsectarian school certified by the California Department of Education. In addition, the academy is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Zinsmeyer serves students with severe learning disabilities, utilizing curriculum practices such as direct instruction and positive behavior intervention and support. Credentialed teachers and experienced Zinsmeyercounselors ensure the highest level of implementation of specialized instruction and therapy methods.

The academy also offers a physical education program in conjunction with the YMCA, a comprehensive art program that allows all students to experience their individual creative talents, and a student council program that helps students experience leadership, cooperation, and social skill building.

Zinsmeyer Academy is a member of the Southern California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), providing students with the opportunity to play basketball and baseball in a small school Freedom League. Through their participation in team sports activities, students learn teamwork, physical and mental skill development, and many aspects of healthy living.

The school provides an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) for each student enrolled. Students are evaluated during the admissions process. This process is designed to accomplish the following: a) to identify the referred student’s needs, b) to determine if the school can implement the IEP, and c) to assist the responsible school district in meeting the requirements of the state and federal laws.

To assist this process the following admissions criteria and guidelines are considered: a) male or female from ages 11-22, b) ambulatory, and c) severe deficits in social/emotional, cognitive, or communication skills that require a nonpublic school placement. Exit criteria are attached to individual student progress based upon IEP goals. Goals are directed toward reintegrating the student into the public school setting with transitional assistance. With this goal at the forefront of Zinsmeyer Academy, we provide our students with individual textbooks for each subject and the same visual/fine arts education curriculum standards and supplies/equipment as students who attend a traditional public school enjoy. We want our transitioning students to have every advantage to enable them to succeed alongside their peers.

WASC Accreditation

ChildNet’s commitment to maintain a fully accredited educational program through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) ensures the delivery of a quality education to all students. As a result, Zinsmeyer Academy has established common Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLR’s) to strengthen our educational commitment.

For more information, see the School Accountability Report Card.



For more information about Zinsmeyer Academy, please call 562-961-6300.