Success Stories: ChildNet – Assisting Famlies in Absolute Crisis

I never thought my children would live with me again. They were out of control. They smeared feces on the wall. They destroyed everything they touched. I couldn’t get them to sleep at night. At school, they caused fights with other students and were violent with their teachers. I was a mess as well. I had sobriety issues in my recent past, and as a single parent, I struggled to make ends meet.

I am so grateful that I was referred to ChildNet. Their wonderful staff visited each of us to determine our individual needs and strengths and how we interacted as a family. They worked beside me in our home, helping me to improve my parenting skills. They taught me how to discipline my children appropriately and even how to say NO without feeling guilty. They showed me how to network with neighbors, friends and sober living groups to get some much-needed assistance. Most importantly, ChildNet helped our family reunite, get stable and learn to be happy together!

It’s not easy and I’m still learning new things every day. ChildNet’s Behavioral Health Services has a specialist visiting our family daily. The kids are going to a therapist in ChildNet’s Behavioral Health Services Outpatient Program, and I can see their progress both at home and at school. My kids are also having fun!

ChildNet hooked us up with low cost/no cost resources for school and summer activities. The children are now active in programs with The Long Beach Parks and Recreation and the Boys and Girls Clubs. These programs are providing them with structure, discipline and social skills. I can say this with pride- for the first time my children have friends and people (including me) want to be with them!

With ChildNet’s help, our family has overcome some serious hurdles. I have learned to discipline my children and my children follow my rules. They don’t fight with each other and they respect other people and their things. They are doing much better in school and are enjoying their other activities. Our family spends much time together and we have learned to enjoy each other. Because of ChildNet and their generous supporters, we are able to stand on our own two feet!

With much love and gratitude,
A very happy mother