ChildNet Youth and Family Services

ChildNet Youth and Family Services was founded in 1970 by a group of Long Beach civic leaders whose goal was to foster the social, emotional, and educational development of troubled and disadvantaged youth. It has since grown from a single youth home that served an average of 100 boys annually to an organization with seven locations covering five counties, serving upwards of 12,000 clients annually. With a mission to provide safe homes, education, and counseling to vulnerable children and families, our program philosophy reinforces personal responsibility and emphasizes the need for a strong family unit. ChildNet has been very fortunate to have a board of directors that recognizes the vast and almost overwhelming need that exists in society today: the ups and downs of the economy and the rising crime rate that grows out of poverty and lack of opportunity for a good education and stable work environment. In our attempt to establish programs that can alleviate these and other problems facing families today, our leadership created a Continuum of Care that enables our professional staff to support clients as they work toward developing a strong and stable family or making the successful transition to independent living, as the case may be. Since the birth of our Continuum of Care, we have added Foster Family Network (FFN) in 1986; Behavioral Health Services (BHS) in 1999; Wraparound Support Services in 2006; and Adoption Services in 2009. BHS is our largest program and includes a partnership with FFN to provide Intensive Services Foster Care (ITFC) in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. ChildNet also provides Relative Home Assessment Services ( RHAS) as well as Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS). Please click on the links to learn more about ChildNet’s Continuum of Care programs and services. We firmly believe that every child deserves to live in a happy, safe and nurturing home. And every parent deserves the opportunity to have the support they need to provide a happy, safe and nurturing home for their children. ChildNet is proud to be able to provide that support and see the results firsthand, over and over again. Please check out our testimonials. We have hundreds of heartwarming stories to tell. Please return to our website regularly for news and events, as well as our newsletters that illustrate why ChildNet is the premier agency of its kind in all of Southern California. For members of the public who may have questions regarding safety or quality of client care at ChildNet, please contact the ChildNet Quality Assurance Director at (562) 498-5525, or write to ChildNet Youth and Family Services, Inc., P.O. Box 4550, Long Beach, CA 90804. Members of the public may also contact The Joint Commission directly by calling (620) 792-5000, or electronically at
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