Foster Family Network

How to become a foster parent:

Foster Family Network (FFN) is licensed by the State of California, Community Care Licensing Division (CCL). Recognizing the need to address the increasing demand for quality foster homes for children, ChildNet established Foster Family Network. Many of these children are victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect and/or abandonment. The program accepts boys, girls and non-minor dependents (over age 18) for placement in loving foster homes. Children are referred to FFN by county child welfare/social services agencies.

FFN recruits and trains all types of families – single parents, married couples, retirees, same-sex couples – who are willing to provide a warm, stable, nurturing environment for these children, and who can meet all certification requirements set forth by the State of California and local county placing agencies. FFN’s social-work staff provides ongoing training and support for the foster families.

Why become a foster parent with ChildNet/Foster Family Network? Here are some reasons why our program makes us stand out from the rest:


ChildNet’s Intensive Services Foster Care Program (ISFC) provides specialized mental health and behavioral services to children who have suffered multiple complex traumas, multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, and multiple failed placements in the foster care system. Our Intensive Services Foster Care program utilizes the team approach to work with our youth, our foster parents and, when possible, birth families or long-term permanent family placements, to help the youth transition out of congregate living to the least restrictive environment possible. Providing individualized mental health and behavioral services in a home-based setting allows foster children to gain skills for future success in their living arrangements and preparation for successful transition into adulthood.


  • Evidence-based, in-house behavioral health counseling services (Los Angeles County)
  • Diagnostic consultation provided by a consulting pediatric psychiatrist (Los Angeles County)


  • All training offered at no charge by the agency, or with reimbursement for costs incurred from outside providers
  • Pre-certification training using the PRIDE model (Parent Resources for Information Development & Education)
  • First Aid and CPR training
  • Ongoing parenting skills instruction supplied in the home and at FFN offices
  • Emphasis is on issues surrounding trauma, abuse, neglect, abandonment, child development, behavior management techniques, drug abuse awareness, helping children succeed in school, etc.


  • Foster homes are closely supervised by skilled master’s-level social workers, on call 24/7/365
  • Supportive counseling/consultation and case management are provided to the foster family as often as needed
  • Home visits are conducted with consideration for the foster family’s daily schedule


  • Ongoing research of and referral to community resources necessary to meet each child’s needs
  • Coordination of medical, educational and psychological services

For more information about Foster Family Network or how to become a foster parent, please call the closest office to you:

Los Angeles & Orange Counties: (800) 945-KIDS or (562) 492-9527

Inland Empire: (951) 247-6064

Kern County: (661) 633-1700

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