Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health Services (BHS) provides mental health services and counseling for children from infancy to young adulthood. We have approximately 95 clinicians and 20 clinical supervisors who have been trained in one or more of the six evidence-based practices we offer to our clients and their families. These practices have proven to be effective in diminishing or eliminating the emotional and behavioral symptoms that interfere with the youth’s functioning at home, school and community.

ChildNet is committed to reaching the most vulnerable within our community. Our clinicians provide services to children at schools, foster homes, parental homes, and child care centers. We have expertise in a wide-range of issues that youth and families are confronted with in today’s society: victims of trauma and bullying, severe family conflict, mental illness, grief and loss, and community violence. BHS collaborates with many of our community partners to ensure that high quality treatment services are readily available. Currently, BHS provides services to more than 30 schools in the Long Beach, Bellflower, and surrounding areas.

We collaborate with The Center Long Beach to provide a full range of mental health services to Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer/Questioning youth in our community. We provide treatment services to Sunburst Academy, a short-term structured residential program for teens 16 to 18. We also work collaboratively with the Foster Family Network, a division of ChildNet. The integration of services increases our clients’ potential for future success, preparing them to be responsible, functioning adults. We incorporate the caregiver into the treatment to maximize the effectiveness of the interventions that support the growth of the youth and also the entire family. We offer a free parenting program to the community as well as parents ordered to attend classes.

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For more information about Behavioral Health Services in Los Angeles County, please call (562) 490-7600 or in the Inland Empire, please call (951) 530-5900

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